Named after the Olympian goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, Athena is the UK’s new national team in space.

As world-leading, UK-based organisations, we have joined forces to amplify the sum of our parts, enhancing the nation’s space industry capabilities through meaningful collaboration. With best in class experience across a wide variety of technology and services, spanning defence, aerospace, communications and information technology, Athena was formed to help deliver prosperity and security as part of the UK space industry.

Together we can be a force for positive change in the space industry, building a strategic, innovative future on the experienced and proven foundations of our past.

Athena Statue


In a world undergoing transformational change, there is a universal desire for a more united approach to the future. By combining our strengths as a national team, Athena will help the UK space sector seamlessly transition from the strong foundations of today, to the endless possibilities of tomorrow.

We are the New Approach to Space.



Athena is an alliance of expertise and agility.  For more information on the Athena companies, please click below.

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For more information please see our brochure and video.

Athena – a new approach to space