Since joining Inmarsat, I have been very vocal about my passion for innovation. If you have ever heard me speak, you probably know how mindful I am that the world around us is changing and that we must never sit still if we are to continue to outpace the needs of our customers and partners. We have proven our desire… Read More
After more than a decade of research and development we are beginning to see 5G technologies deployed around the world. Although this is most visible through the emerging availability of higher speed public 5G radio networks and devices, it is in the radio and network layer that its impact will be most transformative, through the introduction of software-defined networking, mobile… Read More
Vigilamus – the importance of conserving Space for generations to come, through proactive space domain awareness nowIt’s Monday morning. Week 59 of Covid working from home. The alarm goes off at 7am. Pre-Covid it was 05:45 in order to get the 7am train to London. Sunday nights are always restless nights as you transition into the new working week. My… Read More

Towards a UK Space Surveillance Policy

The latest in Athena’s series of webinars focussed on lessons from building coherent cyber capability and how that can be applied to space. Take a look at our comprehensive summary of the key learnings and outcomes. Read More